Rabu, 22 Januari 2014

Hello people!

Well, Hey-hoo blogger!!

It's been a long-long-long time since I open my blog. I wonder when was the last time I opened it? High school? yeah maybe. And now (that) I finally got the time (okay, it's just an excuse. forget it). Maybe I'll try to post something later. YES, wait for it okay?

Anyway, right now I'm in my college vacation. Hurraaay! So happy to be a college student (Oh stop it you!). Finally with my struggle and hardtime to study, I managed to do it.  Hahaha it's kinda lame for me to say it. I've got over a month for my vacation since 28th Dec to 10th Feb. It's been a long, calm, happy but somewhat boring. Well, I should be happy but I just don't know what to do in my (too looong) sparetime. 

In the beginning, I was extremely happy. Now (that) I've got my vacation after hectic months in college and I could refresh my head after exams. Kinda happy but sad because I can't see my friends till 10th Feb (haha). Maybe you guys can tell me something to do on holiday? (I only played games, browsing and so on)

Oh yeah, this January, the rain falls heavily in my country. Too much actually. It's been cold and freezing in morning to morning. I can't go outside to play (well, not really. But sometimes it's just to much). My favorite hot chocolate are running low too (So what? haha). My everyday cloth is like Long pants, T-shirt, and hoodies. Tomorrow... Long pants, T-shirt, and hoodies. The day after tomorrow... long pants, T-shirt and hoodies. And so on. 

What should i say again? hm, well maybe next time. I'll tell you guys what manga I've been currently reading. Ciao~ take care of your health. Don't catch cold okaay :D